Back-Up Utilities

This section provides documentation on backup-up utilities (e.g., mysqldump).

mysqldump Backup Utility

This utility is used to export data and table structures from MySQL. It would be used typically to make back-up copies of databases, or to copy databases from one server to another.


Use this to display a summary of the slow query log. The path and name of the logfile may be given in the second argument. Otherwise, the utility will look to the server's configuration file (i.e., my.cnf or my.ini, depending on your system) for this information. The following options can narrow the summary or change what is displayed.


Use this to make backup copies of databases while the server is active. It only works on MyISAM and ISAM tables, though. It makes a simple copy of each database directory and each table file. This results in a separate directory for each database and usually three files for each table: one for the schema, another for the data, and a third for the index. It places a read lock on all of the tables in the database while copying them.


This utility may be used to import data and table structures from a text file into a database.


This program can be used to search and replace text in a simple text file like a dump file.